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About Us

UK Bronies & Pegasisters was set up in 2017 as a safer, friendlier alternative to other UK based brony communities we had experienced. Our aim was to provide an online space where everypony is welcome to be themselves without fear of the prejudice or judgement we often find elsewhere on the internet.


We weren't sure how popular a new community like this would be, so long after the 2015 hayday of the pony fandom, but as soon as we opened our doors, the members came flooding in and it was clear this needed to exist. Our Facebook Group smashed through the first 100 members within 2 hours of opening, setting the tone for how many Bronies and Pegasisters needed a community like this to belong to.

In our short life since, we have seen so many new friends join the herd. We've witnessed new friendships, relationships and even a few engagements. We've welcomed members from all over the UK and now host regular local and regional meets as well as Convention meet-ups.

As Friendship Is Magic drew to a close in October of 2019, there was worry among the herd that the fandom and therefore our community would die out, but just as before, our worry was quickly dissolved as we gained almost 100 new members immediately after the final episode's airing. The 4th Generation of My Little Pony may have ended, but the message of friendship and inclusivity lives on. This fandom has been around for decades already, and as long as there are UK Bronies & Pegasisters, we will be here.

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