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Its Our Birthday!

As 2021 draws to a close, we start to get near our 3rd Birthday, which is nothing short of amazing! That tiny little splinter we started has now grown into such a massive and still growing community of brilliant people who all stand for the same things and actually care about each other. We’ve seen the Magic of Friendship prevail time and time again, hobbies turn into businesses, friendships blossom into house-shares and romances, recluses metamorphose into social butterflies and an otherwise dwindling fandom rekindle its enthusiasm for the show, the conventions, the community and the terrible puns we love so much (or maybe that's just me)! 

To celebrate in the true spirit of My Little Pony, we are asking the herd what this fandom means to you. We want to know all the brilliant and amazing things My Little Pony has brought into your lives, what it really means to you to be a Brony or Pegasister. We'll then bring everypony's answers together to display in an uplifting and wholesome collection and share it across our Network for all to see. You have the choice to give us your name, your OC name or remain anonymous alongside your response. The resulting compilation will be publicly accessible through our website and may be used in promotional material in the future, please bear this in mind when choosing whether or not to provide a name. The safety and privacy of our herd is our top priority so if you're unsure, please speak with a member of staff and we can remove your name credit at a later date if you change your mind.

The actual date we're using is 30th Dec 2017, when our Discord server was first created. This year the 30th lands on a Thursday, for those wondering. Have a think about your answers, we want as many honest responses as possible to really make this special. Write as much or as little as you like, make it as silly or serious as you like. As long as its your truth, we want to read it!

misty Flying.png

What does the My Little Pony Fandom mean to you?

Thanks for contributing!

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