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UKBP does Eurovision

Following the cancellation of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam, we at UK Bronies & Pegasisters are holding our very own online version and everypony can take part!

How to join the fun

You don't need to be a long term fanatic of Eurovision to take part and enjoy the madness. Our own StormBlaze has hosted Discord-based Eurovision parties for UKBP for the last 2 years and introduced many members to the zany glitz-filled confusion, but this year comes with a twist.

YOU can take part!

Step 1

Make sure to join our UKBP Discord Server as this is where the mane event will be hosted, presented and streamed by StormBlaze and her glamorous assistants. Audience members can simply sit back and enjoy the show on Saturday 16th May 2020.


Step 2

Contestants must sign up using this form  before 8pm Monday 4th May in order to take part. Forms received after this date might not be included in the competition so don't dilly dally.

Step 3

Once we have received your form, you will be assigned a random country who has taken part in EuroVision at some point in their history. You then have until 8pm Thursday 14th May to search your country's previous entries and choose your favourite to re-enter for this year's contest. Your chosen song can be from any year, cheesy, novelty, epic, groundbreaking, anything you like! Your chosen song doesn't have to have done well the first time round, this is its second chance at glory! 

Step 4

Submit your chosen song using this form and be ready to join the show on Saturday 16th May in our dedicated Eurovision channel(s) on Discord!


The Mane Event


The mane event will take place on Saturday 16th May from 7pm GMT. The show will be presented and live streamed to a dedicated Eurovision area of our Discord Server by StormBlaze, who will attempt her best Terry Wogan/Graham Norton impressions for authenticity.

All entrants will be featured in a random order, just like the real Contest and each song will be played in full.

Voice chat is optional and limited to 8 members at a time to keep things moving and the call will be muted during 'performances' to give everypony a chance to listen to the song without interruptions. There will be a text channel available for everypony to chat and make comments on the contest entries.

Once all songs have been played, a time-limited poll will open for audience members to vote for their favourite performances. As the UK is our host country, no votes will be counted for StormBlaze's UK Entry. All the songs will be recapped during voting so you can hear each one again and cast your votes.

When voting closes, there will be a break of a few minutes while the votes are counted and then just like the real contest, the winner will be announced and their song played again. The winning country's representative will then be invited to the stream call for an interview and congratulations!

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