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Official Mascot

In March of 2020, we asked our wonderful community to help design an official UK Bronies & Pegasisters Mascot.

You did not dissapoint! Over the 4 months that followed, we received so many amazing ideas in all kinds of formats. We received written descriptions, musical mood boards, quick doodles, fully rendered masterpieces, reference sheets, 3D models, names, colours, species, markings, clothing, absolutely everything you can think of!

In July, our Design Team worked hard to splice all your ideas together into a few different designs and we presented those to our Elements of Generosity over on Patreon at the beginning of August. From the feedback our Patrons gave, the Design Team were able to finalise one design.

Now, it is our great honour to present to you, our community-created Mascot Mare,

Wing Commander Harriett "Misty" Fairsky!

She is a pegasus with flight goggles and a swishy scarf that helps her determine the wind direction before take-off. Her coat is a pale blue with white cloud markings at her hooves and over her rump. These mirror the blues and clouds seen in UKBP's existing branding, as well as being super cute! Her Cutie Mark is the red, white and blue rainbow as seen in the UKBP logo, though doesn't feature any text. This red, white and blue motif is also used in her mane and tail, both big and floofy but straight-haired and a little messy, most likely windswept! The particular shades of red and blue are lighter than those used in the rainbow or in the union flag from which they derive. This is partly to help differentiate her from other OCs such as Britannia, and partly to allow for more variation in her look. Her big beautiful eyes are a pinky-red and will melt the heart of even the meanest villains.

White Cloud Icon
White Cloud Icon

Flight Goggles

White Cloud Icon

Cloudy Rump

Swishy Scarf


Cutie Mark

White Cloud Icon

Pegasus Wings

Cloudy Hooves

UKBP Logo.png

Hi, I'm Harriett Misty Fairsky - but you can call me Misty


Magenta Eyes

Red, White + Blue Mane + Tail

Art by ChaosMauser




Misty is the latest and greatest collaboration of hundreds of Bronies & Pegasisters from across the UK - she's somepony to be so proud of! Show her off wherever you like and spread the word about our herd!


Please feel free to draw, craft*, paint, animate, write and compose for Misty, either directly or inspired by her. We ask that you credit UK Bronies & Pegasisters where possible and show us your work so we can celebrate it with you!

* Please contact us in advance if you plan to make a fursuit of Misty as this has a few more restrictions.


Anypony is welcome to sell commissions of Misty, providing the content is within the rules set out on this page. You do not owe UK Bronies & Pegasisters a cut of any profits made, but please credit us as the designer(s) and owner(s) of the character.


Misty's official UKBP Reference sheet can be found below, please use it when recreating her in your own works. This is to help you with her correct colouring and markings.


We love to see everypony's creative skills in practice so if you draw, craft, write, compose or create anything including our mare Misty - please share it with us! We have a dedicated channel in our Discord Server for this as well as a folder on our DeviantArt Group.


"Check out MY new OC"

Misty is a community-designed pony, and so she belongs to UK Bronies & Pegasisters as a whole. You may tell the world you contributed to her design, but please do not claim her as your own. Misty is the result of many ideas mixed together, so no one person is responsible for her final design.


We worked hard over 8 months to incorporate everypony's design ideas into Misty's final look. That time is now over, so please respect your fellow members' ideas by keeping to the official design when recreating her.


Misty represents all of UK Bronies & Pegasisters, including children and vulnerable adults. Please do not create any content including her that would be inappropriate for children to experience.

This includes, but is not limited to content which shows;

  • sexual acts (suggestive or explicit),

  • violence,

  • gore,

  • political statements,

  • drug use,

  • hate speech,

  • illegal acts.

If you're unsure about an idea you'd like to use Misty in, please contact us here and we'll let you know if its okay.

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