Mascot Design

That's right, UK Bronies & Pegasisters are looking for as many ideas and designs from the herd as possible, so we can make a UKBP Mascot Pony. This will be a single Pony OC we can all get behind as a group and who will be used to advertise and promote UKBP's various platforms, events, merchandise and general awesomeness.

This is a community project, so we want to see everypony's ideas, no matter how big or small. This can be a written description, a moodboard of colours, a collage of inspirational photos, a doodle on the back of a beer mat or a fully detailed reference sheet, as long as your idea comes across, it'll be included in our mix. 

We are aiming to introduce our Mascot Pony to the herd in early 2020 with the New Year so get your thinking caps on early so you don't miss your chance to contribute. If you have a DeviantArt account, you can submit your images to our new dedicated Mascot Ideas folder. Everything else can be submitted by email to

Once we have enough ideas in we will close the design call and hand the mixing pot over to our talented Elements of Loyalty to fuse as many ideas together as they can. These will be narrowed down to 3 complete designs, for our Generous Patrons to decide between. The final Pony design will then be unveiled to the herd in the most spectacular way we can think of at the time, and you'll start to see our branding evolve to include them.

DeviantArt_Logo_PNG copy.png

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