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Mascot Design

UK Bronies & Pegasisters are creating a Mascot Pony and we need your help!


We are looking for as many ideas and designs from the herd as possible, so we can make a UKBP Mascot Pony. This will be a single Pony OC we can all get behind as a community and who will be used to advertise and promote UKBP's various platforms, events, merchandise and general awesomeness.

This is a community project, so we want to see everypony's ideas, no matter how big or small. As we're looking for ideas, not just artwork, you can submit a wide variety of media to be considered. We've included a list of acceptable media below but if you have any questions about them or want to submit something not listed, get in touch.

The only condition we add is that our Mascot must be a canon species. Everything else is up to you.

Any of the canon species listed below are welcome, any gender(s), any size, any status, any age, any style, any generation and any personality. 

Stage 1:
Send your ideas in to us. You can submit directly to our Mascot Ideas folder on DeviantArt or email to with the subject line Mascot Design.

DeviantArt_Logo_PNG copy.png


Stage 2:
Everything we receive, big or small is handed over to our talented Elements of Loyalty to work their artistic and design magic and create some full design examples using as many ideas as possible.


Stage 3:
The example pony designs are shown to our Elements of Generosity for their opinion on what works. This is a benefit awarded to those who pledge to UK Bronies & Pegasisters on Patreon.



Stage 4:
The most popular characteristics are discussed between staff and our Elements of Loyalty to come up with one final design. We hope to reveal our winning Mascot Pony in August 2020 so get thinking early so you don't miss out. The newest member of our herd will be introduced in the most spectacular way we can think of at the time and you will start to see our branding evolve to include them.

11/08/2020 We are here!



Canon species. This includes Alicorns, Unicorns, Pegasi, Earth Ponies, Bat Ponies, Horses, Donkeys, Zebras, Kirin/Nirik, Griffons, Hippogriffs, Sea-ponies, Sirens, Changelings, Dragons, Draconequus, Breezies & Parasprites.

Written descriptions of your ideas, eg "a tall purple Alicorn with straight blue mane and tail, each with one pink and one purple streak."

Multiple ideas per person - send us as many ideas as you can come up with that you think would be good for a Mascot Pony. 

Photographs showing a particular 'mood' or style you think would be good for our Mascot.

Colour swatches showing the kind of palette you think would work.

Drawn pictures. This can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Headshots, full body pieces, sketches, lines, colours, shading, its all up to you. This is not an art competition, as long as your design idea comes across, you don't need to be Picasso and all ideas will be considered.

Reference Sheets showing every detail of your design idea.

Photographs of traditional media. These can be done using pens, pencils, crayons, chalk, pastels, paint, paper, canvas, clay, resin, 3D prints, business cards, milk bottles, plushies, figures, anything that shows off your ideas clearly. Again, this is not an art competition so that doodle on the back of a beer mat will be just as useful for us as the life-size minky plush!

Designs made on PonyCreator or similar software. After all, its where a lot of us started when designing our own OCs. Screenshots from games like The Sims 3 with character creation for horses are also a great starting point!

Video or Voice Recording of you explaining your ideas. These must be in English and with good enough sound quality for us to understand you clearly. No longer than 5 minutes.

Mood boards with a collection of shapes, colours, patterns or textures. These can be created digitally or a photo of a physical mood board can be submitted.

Coloured-in bases. Please credit the original artist of the base you're using and only use with their permission. UKBP Members are welcome to use this base on the right, drawn by StormBlaze, to show your ideas. Right-click the image to Save the .png or click here to download the .psd.

Music and other audio files showing a 'mood', aesthetic or style you think would suit our Mascot Pony well. These should be no longer than 5 minutes and include a brief description of  what it is about the piece that says 'Mascot Pony' to you. Does its bright jolly tone make you think of certain colours? Can you imagine the pony strutting to that walking bass line? Or is this simply their favourite song?


NSFW content. This should be obvious but as our Mascot Pony will be designed for use in UKBP public promotional materials, its not appropriate to give them any 'adult' characteristics.

Somepony else's work without permission. If you think somepony's design would be perfect for our Mascot, tell them! If they choose to send it in to us then we will consider it alongside everything else. If they don't want to share their idea that's up to them so please respect their decision. 

Somepony else's work pretending to be yours. This is theft of intellectual property and is not okay! There is no advantage to be gained from claiming somepony else's work as your own. All Mascot ideas will be considered equally regardless of when they're submitted, what medium is used, or the perceived quality of the submission.

Non-canon species. Our shared love for My Little Pony is what brought us together, so its only right that our Mascot also be a pony who could fit in seamlessly alongside the canon characters in the shows, films and comics.

Images of existing canon characters. For example, if you really like Applejack's hat and think it would look good on our Mascot Pony, please don't simply send us an image of Applejack. She may be included for reference alongside an explanation that her hat in particular is what you're interested in, you can even draw big obvious arrows or circles on the image to make it clear which part of her design your idea involves.

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