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If you'd like to arrange a meet-up, let us know so we can help spread the word.

Meet Map

A list of all the regular Meets we host with a map showing each venue's location.

Next Meet

Confirmed information on the next Meet dates for the coming month.

Convention Calendar

Regularly updated information on Pony Conventions across the world.

Online Events

The latest information on Pony events held online, including UKBP Community events.

Currently covered groups (North to South)

Lancashire Bronies

Manchester Bee Bronies

Griffish Isles

UK PonyCon

UKBP PonyCon Meets

Trottinghamshire Bronies

Leicester Bronies

Brummie Bronies


Cambridge Bronies

Severn Bronies

Capital Coffee Gatherings (CCG)

London Board Games

West Country Nerds & Bronies

Do you know of a regular brony meet-up that isn't on our map? Please email with as many details as you can and we will reach out to the organisers to offer our promotion.


Following UK Government Guidance on Social Distancing, most of our face-to-face meet-ups have been suspended until further notice. Some groups now run virtual meet-ups in place of a physical venue, details and join links are below.

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