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UKBP MegaMeet 

Saturday 24th September 2022





Twilight Pass


Full Event


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Celestial Pass


Day  Only


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Lunar Pass


Evening  Only


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1pm - 5pm

Premier Inn: Trafford Centre West

We have a meeting room which seats up to 25 so daytime tickets will be limited. Book early to avoid disappointment. Please note there's also a Premier Inn: Trafford Centre North and South too, so take care to get to the correct hotel!

This room is private and will only be accessed by UK Bronies & Pegasisters so feel free to bring your prized plushies and stable them here for the day.

There will be pony music on as background noise but nothing too loud as this is supposed to be our calm quiet time before the energy of our evening event. We'll try to include songs from pre-Gen 4, Gen 4, Gen 5 as well as some from community artists. Pony requests are welcome, as long as we can find it on YouTube!

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Ice Breakers

Fun and friendly games to break the ice and get to know each other a little better!

Doodle Hooves

Time limited 5 minute doodles for a given title. Best and funniest ideas win prizes!

Video Call

A video link to say hello to our Southern counterparts at MegaMeet: SOUTH. The bringing together of these 2 meets to really make it Mega!

What's On

Food Break

5pm - 6pm

Food Break

There is a 12 minute walk from the Premier Inn to NAMCO, but once you get there, you'll be surrounded by all the food outlets you can imagine and more in The Trafford Centre's Orient.

There are Food Court type outlets where you can grab take-away style food and eat it in the massive bank of tables and chairs or there are plenty of restaurants with their own seating both up and downstairs.

You're also welcome to bring your own food to eat in the Food court area of tables and chairs, or if you'd prefer to head straight to our evening venue, the bar inside NAMCO also serves food.

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6pm - 10pm

NAMCO FunScape: Trafford Centre Orient

We have the 6 VIP lanes booked out just for UK Bronies & Pegasisters to play our 2 games each of 10 Pin Bowling.

To get to the VIP lanes you need to go through the arcade area down to the back. If you end up in the bar we'll find you, its just next to there!

Plushies are welcome but take care not to leave them behind once we finish our bowling games and move onto the Booper Cars and Arcade area.

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2 free games each of 10 Pin Bowling in a separated VIP area just for us, with softer lighting and comfier seats!


Booper Cars

2 free tokens each to ride the indoor dodgems. Its boop or be booped out there!

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All the latest and greatest games with the chance to win tickets you can exchange for prizes!

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Schedule & Info Pack

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Extra Info


Click the link on our website to purchase the ticket you’d like. The Celestial Pass is valid for the daytime venue only and Lunar Pass is valid for evening only. If you plan to attend both parts, you’ll want the Twilight Pass, valid at both venues. Please ensure you’re booking for the correct region (North/South) as these are not transferrable. Refunds are available up to 48hours before the event. If you need to resell your ticket, please contact us and let us know so we can update the names on the reservation, otherwise the new ticketholder may be turned away on the day.


Of course you can cosplay! Please note that the evening portion of MegaMeet North takes place in a busy arcade with lots of members of the public passing through as well as our own attendees, so large, oversized or hot costumes (I’m looking at you, fursuiters!) are not advised. Our daytime venue will only have members of our herd in attendance but may still be a little cramped for large costumes with giant wingspans. Costumes that cover you but don’t have extra bits poking out should be fine, but you may be asked to remove wings for
example if other ponies keep bashing into them. You don’t want your costume to get in the way of your bowling skills or your dodgem boops either so be careful!

Plushies & other valuables
You are welcome to leave your plushies, coats, bags etc in our allocated MegaMeet area of NAMCO during the Bowling portion of the MegaMeet, however we cannot accept responsibility for damage, loss or theft of any of these items so its best not to bring any valuables in case they are left unattended. Anypony wishing to bring Tablets etc for use at the Premier Inn during the daytime does so at their own risk as we cannot guarantee the security of such items.

Children & Animals
Children are welcome but must hold their own ticket and under 16s must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged over 18 at all times (including on the dodgems). Children are not allowed in the bar area after 9pm so please be aware that the bar staff operate a Challenge 25 policy just in case. Please don’t be offended if you are asked for proof of age when purchasing alcohol, take it as a compliment that your skin looks great!
Assistance animals are welcome, but no pets are allowed at either venue. NAMCO is a busy and noisy place which can be distressing and confusing for some assistance animals but the Premier Inn room is quiet and private for us so will be much more suitable for them.

Accessibility & Amenities
Both venues are entirely wheelchair accessible with widened doorframes, shallow ramps and accessible toilets. For those needing a quiet area to chill out during the evening, you can sit in the bar area, though this can still get quite noisy during busy times. NAMCO is situated right next to the main entrance to The Orient so there is easy access to the outdoors if you need a little breather. There is a smoking/vaping shelter about 20 metres from the entrance outside by the carpark. Behind the Grand Staircase of this entrance (and behind the giant
screen), there are free cash machines as well as Ladies, Gents and Accessible toilets.

If you have any questions, email:

Extra Info
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