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Past Events


We hold an annual online event on our Discord Server watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Hosted by StormBlaze, members come together to share in the cheesy glitz and music, holding our own votes for best performance.

For 2020 we made up for the cancelled Contest by reliving our favourites from past years.


Griffish Isles 2018

The first Griffish Isles, held in 2018 was also the first official appearance for UK Bronies & Pegasisters. Our membership almost doubled over that single weekend thanks to our many many business cards!

The UKBP Team won first place in the Pub Quiz, winning a Funko figure of Cheese Sandwich, pictured here.

Staff Table.png

In September of 2019 we held our first UKBP MegaMeet. Hosted by Amethyst Shade, the full day and night event brings members together from across the UK to one central location to hang out, ride some 'booper-cars', bowl and play arcade games together.

On the quieter side, there were quizzes, Doodle contests and even bingo! We hope to run another MegaMeet in 2021


allie way.png
button mash.jpg

UK PonyCon 2018

October 2018 saw our first official presence at UK PonyCon, the biggest of the UK conventions.

Our first ever Pre-Con and After-Party meets were so popular and successful, they both made a comeback at 2019's event and are now an annual staple of PonyCon Weekends.

PonyCon18 haul.jpg
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