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UKBP Mascot Pony

UK Bronies & Pegasisters are creating a Mascot Pony and we need your help!

We are looking for as many design ideas as possible from the herd for our Mascot because we want them to be a community made character we can all get behind!

This is not an art competition so any and all forms of idea are welcome, from written descriptions right up to fully detailed reference sheets.

We are hoping to introduce our new pony to the herd in August 2020 so get thinking so you don't miss out!


100 OCs on Mars

Produced in partnership with one of our Talented Members, Adam Brown aka Greenfly.

This art project sees 100 Original Characters from the My Little Pony fandom take a trip to Mars, and yours could be included too! Many of our own UK Bronies & Pegasisters have already sent £1 and a character reference, to see Greenfly bring them to life as part of this massive project. Each character is added with important attention to details, making them instantly recognisable.

Many thanks to Greenfly for sharing this project with us and to all the members whose characters have already been included!

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Bronies: The Inner Workings

Produced in partnership with one of our Talented Members, Harry Gomm aka Jolly.

This documentary showcases what our great fandom can offer from the point of view of 4 Bronies & Pegasisters.

ClickToTry, Midnight Dance, FD-Daylight and StormBlaze share their personal experiences of finding the pony fandom and what makes it such a friendly and inviting community to be a part of.

Many thanks to Jolly for creating this and to all those involved in the creative process. Congratulations are in order, as this film has won First Place at the 2019 Creative Student Awards.

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