Pre-Pony Hype!

May 18, 2018

The hype was alive tonight at the Waldorf in Manechester as Bronies and Pegasisters from all over came together in the name of PONIES! The Pre-Con Meet for the Griffish Isles saw plushies take over the mane table and UKB&P business cards take over everywhere else (sorry!). Our favourite griffin and official Griffish Isles mascot Bobbie was there, flying the flag and meeting her maker, our StormBlaze. Special guest Elley Ray even managed to come along and mingle among the herd too. Tonight was a great chance for us to put faces to the screen names we've been in touch with over the last few months, as well as meet some new faces and welcome them to the UKBP herd. Thank you to everyone who could make it and of course thank you to the Griffish Isles team for arranging the meet. Lots of exciting stuff to come during the Con tomorrow so set hype levels to max!


Amethyst x

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