Griffish Smiles

May 21, 2018

Now that most of us have finished our journey home and begun the Post-Con recovery its the perfect time for an update. What an amazing convention the Griffish Isles was, and only in its first year of hopefully many more to come. From the inspiring special guest Elley Ray with her Voice Acting workshop and panel, to the fascinating insights into the fandom and all its many creative outlets. As always, the cosplays and fursuits were beautifully put together and I for one now regret not dressing up! I did manage to pick up a gorgeous Luna hoodie from Pegasus Embroidery though, so that somewhat made up for it!


The evening event over at Powerleague was brilliantly done as well, offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to hang out with fellow bronies and enjoy some excellent music from MyLittleKaraoke, Steely Hooves, Coltastrophe and DJ BassPon3. Congratulations to the UKB&P staff team for winning the Pub Quiz too! Our prize of vinyl Cheese Sandwich will take pride of place as the first team trophy.



A few of you were commenting on my UKB&P T shirt, so I thought I'd remind everypony we have member shirts available on our online store, with more merchandise lines coming soon so don't forget to check that out!


Once again, a massive thank you to the organisers of Griffish Isles and to everyone involved for all your hard work - it showed and really paid off! We're really looking forward to (and hoping for) Griffish Isles 2019 but for now, please look after yourselves, rest up and bask in your success - you deserve it!


Amethyst x

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