Meet   The   Team

  Zephyr Moon  

Founder, Admin, Graphic Designer

Brony since: 2016

Best Pony: Lyra Heartstrings

Best Princess: Cadence

Best CMC: Scootaloo

OTP: Lyra x BonBon


Founder, Admin, Artist

Brony since: 2011

Best Pony: Soarin

Best Princess: Luna

Best CMC:  SweetieBelle

OTP: Soarin x Rainbow Dash

  Amethyst Shade  

Admin, Website Designer, Events

Brony since: 2017

Best Pony: Vinyl Scratch

Best Princess: Luna

Best CMC:  Scootaloo

OTP: Vinyl x Octavia


Founder, Moderator

Brony since: 2014

Best Pony: Lyra Heartstrings

Best Princess: Celestia

Best CMC:  AppleBloom

OTP: Lyra x BonBon

Misty Misty Fairsky

Official Mascot Mare

Pegasister since: 2020

Best Pony: Spitfire

Best Princess: Spike

Best CMC:  Scootaloo

OTP: Nopony

Coming Soon!

  Myck (KanaPone)  

Founder, Moderator

Brony since: 2011

Best Pony: Unicorn Twilight

Best Princess: Luna

Best CMC:  AppleBloom

OTP: Big Mac x Cheerilee


Moderator, Artist

Brony since: 2012

Best Pony: King Sombra

Best Princess: Big Mac

Best CMC:  None

OTP: Sombra x Fluttershy




Brony since: 2013

Best Pony: Sky Name Shiny Name

(Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer and Sunset Shimmer)

Best Princess: I like both sisters, they are Yin & Yang

Best CMC:  Sweetie Belle

OTP: Lyra x BonBon

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